Top 3 Wax Vaporizer Pens On Sale

Buying a wax vaporizer pen online sometimes can be a challenge to the new users who are unfamiliar of how the vaporizer will work or what exactly it can do. This is why we post these articles for the people who don’t really understand entirely about vaporizers. Sure, you may of used an e-cig before but right now in this day of age there’s a massive amount of new vape pens that have the best type of methods of vaporization and will fulfill your needs for you to be able to experience the massive benefits of vaping. From your health to the amount of money you save on the usage of your botanical, you need to understand that having a pen vaporizer is very important to have when you need something to use on the go, it is a pen vaporizer you want. We are going to explore some options and tell you the best pen vaporizers in the world to buy. We are all about informing the general public on what’s hot and what’s not. This is the place to get your education up and understand how easy it is to learn about the best vaporizers for sale.

forge by atmos rx technologies


Atmos Forge

Price: $59.95

Compatible with Waxes

The Atmos Forge is a new vaporizer released in 2015 it is a beast! This is an awesome wax dabbing vaporizer that uses a powerful lithium Polymer battery which is a big plus Atmos has caught on to as they last 4 times longer than any other types of batteries so your battery power won’t depleate as fast as the standard lithium batteries. The Atmos Forge not only uses titanium technology but also has an adjustable air-flow switch that you turn the dial and set the amount of power you want in your pull when dabbing. The Air-flow passes smoothly through the Atmos Forge, it’s exactly what you need in a wax dabber. This is a vaporizer only 6 inches long and encumbers the outer shell of stainless steel making accidental drop damage non-existent. It comes well equipped with the 900mAH polymer battery that lasts over 3 hours of non-stop use. You can unleash the Forge power by adjusting it to have a fully expandable air-flow pull as t he Atmos Forge is your best vaporizer to get any type of wax substance perfectly dabbed. When holding the Forge you’ll be happy with the strong and durable stainless steel build as you feel secure holding this as you won’t look at it anymore as a delicate vaporizer which is pretty fitting when most other vaporizers break on way or another when holding. The Dual titanium atomizer is a big bonus and the battery charges up with a micro-usb plugin.

cloud penz 3.0 vape pen


Cloud Penz 3.0 Vaporizer

Price: $89.95

Compatible With Waxes, Oils, Herbs

The Cloud penz 3.0 vape pen kit is a new kit that’s being sold daily to thousands of loyal and new customers that understand the quality of cloud penz vaporizers. The CLoud Penz 3.0 vaporizer kit has many features and 3 high quality atomizers; dual ceramic-rod titanium and hand-wrapped coil atomizers, media A2.0T atomizer as well as the Cloud Atlas 3 globe and the Atomizer base is a 2.0 version. Each Atomizer has a specific role used to vape your specific substance. This is a vaporizer kit mainly for waxes and oils although it can be used with herbs, it isn’t recommended as conduction coils tend to burn your herbs which would make this a smoke pipe and it will clearly defeat the purpose of vaporization. The Cloud Penz Battery has a low battery life indicator light that will turn red at 10% battery life which is when you should charge the battery that takes 2 hours to fully charge. You will get a 3 hour usage with the lithium ion 650mAH battery. The great thing about the Cloud Penz 3.0 kit is the fact that you can have a drag time pull of 25 seconds, the standard is 14 seconds then the vaporizer will activate the auto-lock feature. This is a big plus when using this type of vaporizer cause most dab pulls are over 20 seconds but 25 seconds is a perfect drag for a big pull. The Click-in atomizer technology will make it easy for you to place in the different types of atomizers that this vaporizer kit comes with. You can also use thin or thick hash oils which you’d click in the hand-wrapped vertical coil or even use the glass globe attachment to store your oils for later use. The Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer kit is a complete kit that comes with everything you need, using titanium for the metal is perfect for longevity in the use of your vaporizers atomizers as you won’t have to replace them for longer periods of time than the standard coil which is usually steel or cast-iron. To only pay $89 is a dream you can only find to come true buying it from .

donuts kandy pens vaporizer


Kandy Pens Donuts Vaporizer

Price: $99

Compatible with Waxes

The Kandy Pen Donut vaporizer is a very great wax pen vaporizer capable of holding a half gram of your oils or waxy materials as it has a deep (donut) chamber capacity and uses a wick-less coil system which has no glues or dyes internally. The Kandy Pen Donut company ensures it won’t ever burn or turn your waxes into smoke as there’s no combustion with this conduction vaporizer, you will expect to take massive pulls when using this vaporizer to its maximum. The Battery is a 510 threaded 900mAH battery which features its patent pending SloBurn technology which means you’ll get all the flavor, taste and potency and won’t experience any type of char taste or burnt types of taste as you taste when you normally dab. This is what makes the Kandy Pen a great buy is the fact you can simmer the substance used without combustion for great flavor and precise vaporization sessions. With the Kandy Pen Donut vape kit you’ll be able to take charge of this pen vaporizer since it has a temperature controlled battery with settings of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 390 degrees and 430 degrees Fahrenheit as this type of settings adjustment hasn’t been used in many vaporizers.


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