Buying Your First Vape Pen

Buying your first vape pen, it is important how the changes are making the tobacco industry in to a  different game. Tobacco companies are now starting to become involved in the fact that they are starting to create their very own line of vape pens as seen on many different TV commercials. But you should know now that vape pens are really the most important factor for the growth of this industry. the important thing is that vaporizers are a new technology, turning into almost a 9 figure industry based on the popularity of vape pens and other vaporizer types.

There are many different types of vaporizers such as desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers and pen vaporizers and there are ones that force air (convection vaporizers) which you can have the option of whip-style or balloon bag. The whip style is where you use a silicone tubing and a glass mouthpiece as the vapor will blow right through as you inhale large clouds of vapor. The balloon bag style is pretty neat as you can fill the balloon up with vapor and you squeeze the valve and inhale the vapor within the bag. Conduction vaporizers are a simple piece of technology and require almost no skill to use them cause they’re simple to the fact it’s just metal on metal as you place your materials on top of a heating element which in this case the materials are more prone to combustion.

Don’t make the mistake in buying a really cheap vaporizer. It would be smart for your first time to buy a vaporizer around the $100 mark. I know a lot of people aren’t willing to take the hit and spend a $100 on a vaporizer. Coming from an expert like myself, it would be smart to actually invest in a good one. You don’t want to be disappointed when you’re using for your first time cause you want to experience the best vapor quality especially if you’re knew to it. In case you don’t think it’s worth it, like we say all the time, it is. Vaporizers will save you over 8.5 grams of materials per ounce if you use flowers. If you use wax, you can dab one time every few hours instead of inhaling a whole bowl since dabbing is far more potent than any other method of vaporization . Doing oils are great if you use e-juices which are used mainly if you’re trying to stop the smoking habit. It is a great replacement to use instead of smoking cigarettes as you’ll stop smoking as much by saving more cigarettes. A daily smoker can expect to spend a pack of cigs every 4 days instead of every day.

After reading a lot and doing you research, you should already have an image in your mind of the type of vaporizer you’ll be using. Just make sure you find out what type of parts are being used in the vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers have a bit more technology which are the units that are stationary and you plug them into an outlet. Don’t buy a pen vaporizer with long wicks, make sure they’re short and re-enforced by anodized steel or aluminum plating around them so you won’t have the expense of buying wicks every month. You also won’t taste the nasty “popcorn” taste when you actually use the vaporizer once it is low on oils.

titanium vape pen heating element

Titanium Technology Heating Element

The benefits of a vapor pen is the discretion it provides. Most pen vaporizers are small and sleek and won’t draw unwanted attention. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer, there are many types that look like a device that is used for something completely different but is in-fact a portable vaporizer. The battery life of a portable vaporizer is cut short since the technology of temperature control and power use is a little bit better. Always plan out how often, when and where you’ll be using your vaporizer most of the time. If you will be using it on the go, you will want to buy something small, that can fit in your pocket with comfort like a pen vaporizer. If you’re going to want to use your herbs out on the go, buy a high quality portable vaporizer or even a pen vaporizer to do the trick. The Atmos Orbit and Boss are some of the best current pen vaporizers on the market. If you’re going to be using the vaporizer on occasions at home, buy yourself a good working desktop unit.

boss pen by atmos rx

Atmos Boss Vaporizer $159


Titanium metal is one of the best heat conductors since it synergies the heat to produce more heat with less force. You’ll be using less battery with a quality heat conductor. Gold platted copper is also a very good heat conductor such as the Vapman which is a small portable unit that uses butane to power. There are vaporizers that function off of butane, batteries, power and even a flame. There are very high quality units for each category. The Iolite is a prime example of a quality butane powered vaporizer. The Hammer is a good example of a flame powered vaporizer. For beginners you’ll want to buy an Easy Vape for around $50 to test out how a material desktop vaporizer works without investing to much. If you’re a more experienced user, you can go out and spend $600 for a Volcano. The Davinci Ascent is one of the most discreet vaporizers in the world, it looks just like a cell phone.

ascent vaporizer da vinci products

$249.99 Davinci Ascent

There are many options as you are reading on the types of vaporizers you can buy. It is up to you obviously on the type of vaporizer you actually want. You need to find and figure out your budget as well as research as much as you can prior to buying a new vaporizer. Make sure you are buying a name brand unit and stay far away from places like Ebay. There are to many knock-off vaporizers on eBay that come from China and offer a warranty. There are some knock-off vendors that offer warranty themselves so be really careful if you insist on buying from eBay sellers.

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