Best Vaporizer Pens for Herbs, Waxes, and Oils

The rapidly changing technology in this industry gives us plenty of new things to talk about when it comes to all the new herbal vape pens coming to our market. We are seeing even better technology and more convection technology featured in many of today’s new vape pens. The entire reason you’d want to buy a vape pen are for the many added benefits they provide when owning one. Discreetness is the main key and a big reason why vape pens are so popular since you can use them practically in any setting and with no odor emitting from them, you can vaporize them around anyone without them discovering you’re actually vaping marijuana in the herbal chamber. We seen so much change, vape pens with blue-tooth technology, OLED screens, micro-processors for memory and new heating elements are the growing and everlasting trend you will see in a vape pen.

We test trial many new vaporizer pens online and would like to share our thoughts of some new vape pens for you to read about to see if there’s something that will benefit you in the near future. Buying new vaporizer pens will help you get more of an edge when it starts with the precision heating, durability and ease of use is what will make a good pen vaporizer.

Rating #1 Pen Vaporizer

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen

Vaporite Cosmid Dry Herb Vape Pen

Vaporite Cosmic $139.95

This is the newest and highest quality dry herb vaporizer made by the Vaporite Company, a world renowned company that only produces the best vape pens for sale for herbs. The features are amazing in their own sense and there’s many reason why this is a vaporize to buy. Lets talk about the quality first, the overall design is extreme high quality with a suede leather grip on the handle to swiftly grip and easily handle the vaporizer. It uses a mouthpiece made out of rubber much better than the conventional plastic mouthpiece which tends to melt when high heat for an extended period of time. The Vaporite Cosmic is the first and only newest portable pen vaporizer that uses Blue-tooth technology specifically to power, control and utilize the advanced features such as the temperature control settings which can be controlled via smart-phone app from the app, you will be able to specifically turn the Fahrenheit to the custom settings you need to bring heat to the herbal chamber.

You can also adjust the air-flow power, change the vaping session time and get advanced metrics to help fully optimize your use with the vaporite cosmic vaporizer and the blue-tooth setting. An added benefit I love about the Cosmic it features a water tool attachment which simply is amazing and enhanced my vaping performance by not only giving me clean vapor with a cool inhalation but also preserved much of the flavor as no extra carcinogens ever entered and altered the quality inside the Vaporite Cosmic. This is by far the number 1 rated pen vaporizer in the world right now, there’s no other pen vaporizer that can match up with the quality use, the discreetness and the added accessories like the water tool attachment. I should also mention the fact that the Cosmic is all magnetic charging, it comes with a charging dock so there’s no cords that you need to plug into, you simply put the vaporizer near the charging dock and it’ll fully charge the powerful lithium ion battery in under 45 mins.

#2 Rated Vaporizer For All-in-One Purposes (Waxes, Herbs, Oils)

source orb vaporizer pen

Source Orb Vaporizer $79.95

The Source Orb is my second favorite vaporizer I’ve tested in the last week. There’s so many reason why you are going to want to buy the vaporizer lets first start of with the durable stainless steel build. It is only 6 inches tall so it will be able to fit in your pocket and the atomizer is built of really high quality Quartz Crystal glass. If you don’t know what quartz crystal is, you need to because it is the best glass by far to use because of the zero heat absorption. This means you can put any amount of heat directly on the glass and instantly touch it and won’t get burned. Having this type of glass is extremely important and makes the herbal chamber heating temperature very precise to actually know how hot things are inside so you can safely gauge how hot the heating is inside the chamber making it the best type of atomizer base to have. The Source Orb is compatible with herbs, oils and waxes and works amazing with wax dabbing. It has a titanium coil for the wax atomizer and the quartz crystal glass.

The Source Orb can be set in 4 different temperatures making it a very important vaporizer to have around when you have different substances that require much different heating temperature so your vapor will always remain of high quality. With the Source Orb, the powerful battery gives you over 2.5 hours of vaping time and it is a 650mAH lithium ion battery to where you can adjust the voltage located at the bottom from 3.2v-4.8v so you’re in control of how hot things can get. There’s an adjustable air-flow guage right below the threading of the battery making this an easy to change up the vaporization levels from very light vapor with low voltage settings to very high vapor density by increasing to maximum voltage. Having 7 different atomizers to use when vaping, you can set the specific atomizer you need to accomplish perfect vaporization depending on the type of materials you need when you’re vaporizing with the Source Orb.

#3 Rated Vaporizer For Wax Dabbing

Dr. Dabber Aura Vaporizer

dr. dabber aura

Dr Dabber Aura Vaporizer $89.95

This is a vape pen that you need to understand that is completely one of the best vaporizers for wax substances in the world. The Aura is by far in my opinion the best dabbing vaporizer to use. It features a Quartz Crystal glass atomizer which effectively gives you the heating you need to have the best vaping precision with the heating atomizers to be controlled and the air-flow chamber can be adjusted for the most light – heavy weight vapor, it is completely up to you if you want to fulfill your vaping satisfaction with the most vapor. The easy snap in atomizers make changing your atomizer to a new one a breeze for the simply fact it is called Snap-tech technology allowing magnetic energy to snap together the atomizers very quickly makes it very easy to interchangeably switch out your 3 different atomizers you have.

The 2 most important atomizers for liquids and thick waxes are the Dual Quartz Ceramic rod atomizers which vape the entire diameter of the vaporizer atomizer to leave no substance behind and make cleaning up any messes a breeze. The Ceramic halo atomizer lets you get very even heat to directly dab off a skillet type of vaporizer atomizer without leaving any hot spots or over-vaping your materials since the Aura uses 4 precision temperature settings for low-heat setting, you will be able to effectively taste your dabs and vaporization. The Dr. Dabber Aura is by far the best dabbing vape pen to own and you need to try it if you don’t own it, the features are endless!

With these 3 vaporizers to read about, it is your choice if you want to go ahead and make your purchase for buying a quality vaporizer. I’d say if you have the money and budget to do this, you will want to buy all 3 vaporizers as I noticed that I use all 3 of these every day depending what mood I’m in. It is always good to have second and third options to use so you’re never with a down time and you always have a vaporizer willing to work.

By far for the herbal vaporizer– the Vaporite Cosmic, it is one of my favorite with the many different types of features. When I dab, I use the Dr. Dabber Aura and the Source Orb even though the source orb can be used with waxes, herbs and oils, I find the herbal part isn’t that great since conduction heating technology does not work well with herbal chambers. When you’re vaping herbs, stick with the convection vaporizers like the vaporite cosmic, it has plenty to offer and the BLue Tooth technology comes in handy with all the settings, metrics and tips it gives you.

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