Atmos Boss Vaporizer Pen Review

The Atmos Boss is a truly awesome Vaporizer. To start out with it can come in black and stainless steel. It has an appealing design; a modern look. It is discreet looking, meaning that no one will know you are actually vaping as it looks like a regular vapor pen purchased at a convenience store or flea market.

The boxing style is also very smooth; I thought I was opening an Apple Product. It is a durable stainless steel and feels sturdy. It has three major pieces: battery, oven section and silicone mouth piece. The Atmos boss is a Conduction Style Vaporizer. A quick summary is that conduction heating is when you lay botanical directly on top of the heating element and it turns the gas from the heating element to vapor when the user directly inhales from the mouthpiece. Atmos has turned a regular pen vaporizer, into a high quality, efficient, conduction vaporizer with the strongest titanium outer shell that makes it resistant to scratches.

atmos boss kit vapor pen herbs

Atmos Boss Vapor Pen $159.99

It has a five click turn on. The chamber instantly heats up showing a solid green light when it’s ready to use. The herbal chamber holds around 0.3 grams of materials. Vaping with the Boss you not only get pure vapor, but you’ll notice the quality in the taste as well. The Boss is one of the most efficient pen vaporizers.

The Atmos Boss is designed for in-between vapes. Like at work or during high stress sessions getting quick vapes. The price point is decent usually around 159.00 USD. In fact the first time I used this was on my lunch break. The taste was also very good for a less expensive vaporizer. I am actually impressed with it.

What I liked about the Atmos Boss are as follows: The price point is very good. I found the Atmos Boss to have a high quality feel of a more expensive vaporizer. The laser etching is pleasing on the eyes. The design is made modern and stylish. Not being over crazy like so many other styles. The discreetness of it, no one guessed I was vaping a herbal mix. They figured it was a e-cig.

The cons of the Atmos Boss are as follows: I did not like how it would shut off automatically having to re-due the process. The filter screen should not be removed as it actually insulates and helps keep the chamber hot. Though, I usually remove the screen for a better draw and taste, this did not seem to affect the taste as much as other pen styles. The draw can sometimes be hard. But, that is expected with convection types as these styles rely on a clear path of airflow.

Atmos Boss High Quality Chamber – Ceramic Filter, Glass Screen

I use the Atmos boss on a daily basis. I have several types of vaporizers and the Atmos boss fits perfectly in the niche with when I am at work. Nothing is worse than having a stressful day at the office wanting that certain herbal mixture. The Atmos boss is my go to vaporizer for the in-betweens of a busy day and a really fast life style. You will not be disappointed with the Atmos Boss.

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